Creation of iDRhA

iDRhA–Innovative devices for  Rehabilitation and Assistance is a Universidad Miguel Hernandez (UMH) spin-off where UMH holds a 5% of the share capital. iDRhA is located in the UMH Scientific and Business Park. UMH Scientific and Business Park is a space designed to accommodate technology-based companies, and it has a strong foundation for innovation and knowledge. Its facilities […]

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Objective of iDRhA

iDRhA was founded with the first objective of commercialising the results of two European Projects (AIDE projectand HOMEREHAB Echord++ project) and the Patent ES201400643 licensed by UMH to iDRhA. iDRhA is an innovative company that designs, develops and manufactures products for neuro-rehabilitation as well as intelligent robotic-assisted tools to help disabled people. They have developed solutions to […]

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Company creation Sprint

iDRhA was award in the first phase of the 6th edition of the Business Creation Sprint. AgroEpso, Planttas, 3D Medical Technologies, Boniafit and iDRha were the five projects awarded in the first phase of the 6th edition of the Business Creation Sprint, the entrepreneurship program promoted by the Scientific Park of the Miguel Hernández University (UMH) […]

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